How 5G is shaping the future of car travel

Imagine your car becoming smarter and connected –  in the sense that your vehicle is capable of self-driving and making hyper-effective decisions, communication effortlessly from data stations. 

5G will elevate the meaning of connected carscars that are connected to a richer source of real-time data, streamlined in efficiency and effectiveness. It’s important to keep in mind that autonomous cars are not the same as connected cars; autonomous cars concern with the art of self-driving and connected cars focus on communicating with other systems inside and outside the vehicle. 

5G technology is an enabler of bold new ideas and astronomical change. Its era has arrived and how does it affect the connectivity in automobiles – and your personal driving experience?

5G (fifth generation) and digital space

5G (fifth-generation) is simply the new generation mobile network. It is a new innovation that will surpass preceding mobile networks such as 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. Unlike its predecessors, 5G will be utilised for the large growth of data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which encompasses a tremendous network of interconnected devices – from wearables, embedded sensors to smartphones.

5G technology contains an ocean of creative possibilities, which will transform the future of connectivity and wireless communications. According to Enterprise Talk, the digital space will be truly impacted by the use of 5G technology. Firstly, users will experience electrifying speeds; 5G speed is almost 100 times faster than 4G. 

Secondly, 5G has lower latency which means it takes a shorter time to go from its source to the receiver, and then back again. This will enable new upgrades in fields such as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) in a way that seamless and undisrupted experiences are more likely to occur. 

Moreover, 5G can enhance business efficiencies through increased capability; the technology sets up new and special opportunities for Internet of Things applications. Imagine hundreds of thousands of devices communicating effortlessly in different environments such as homes, cities, factories, farms, and schools. Ultimately, the user experience will be magically adjusted.

Connected cars and mobile networks

As of today, many automobiles and fellow drivers have used various technologies enabled by different mobile networks. Due to the increased usage of smartphones in the last 10 years, 3G-enabled mobile applications such as music streaming and GPS navigation have been heavily cherished by drivers.

4G has swept the markets, introducing unique ways of using data including satellite navigation with real-time map updates on smart devices. Remarkably, the incredible potential of the automobile and wireless communication integration could enable more insurance companies to closely monitor your driving style which can drastically reduce insurance premiums. 

The driving experience is continuously transformed through each evolution of mobile networks. Technological giant firm Huawei argued that: “in 2017, every car has the potential to be a ‘connected car’ as infotainment services and software updates are provided via the internet”. Fast forward three years, we have witnessed an enormous change in the landscape of automobile-technological integration.

Safety and ease reach new heights

To make the most of driving pleasure and comfort, safety has to come first. Engineers and automotive creators battled many challenges of balancing safety and comfort on the road. With the advent of 5G, their lives will be astronomically easier. 

SEAT, for instance, has undertaken a project to examine safe driving practices and innovations using the latest mobile network. They have explored the use of cameras, sensors, and beacons to detect obstacles on the road; the information of the road networks, pedestrians, cyclists etc. is readily detected and supplied to the 5G connected car from a smart city (a smart city is an urban area that uses a variety of Internet of Things sensors to collect and organize data for service use).

The driver then can make better decisions, maneuvering around obstacles effortlessly. Cars equipped with 5G technology can always receive real-time traffic information which renders the urban motoring experience incredibly smooth.

A data-informed driving experience

Experts of the auto industry have argued that 5G is essential for realizing autonomous driving. According to Dr Joy Laskar, CTO of Maja Systems (a fabless semiconductor company), future autonomous vehicles will generate nearly two million worth of gigabyte data and 5G; and with its epic internet speeds and higher bandwidth, it will be capable of managing this data size.

In addition, leading technological manufacturers Intel and Qualcomm are working towards a revolutionary implementation where autonomous vehicles are turned into mobile data centres, enabling self-driving cars to make real-time decisions. 

Experts claim that the automobile industry will explode at the arrival of 5G since it will revolutionize the ideas of V2I (Vehicle-to-infrastructure), V2N (Vehicle-to-network), V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle), and V2P (Vehicle-to-pedestrian) innovation.

Visions for an interconnected future 

On the side of luxury driving, BMW has announced that their all-electric SUV iNext will be the first luxury vehicle to connect to 5G technology in 2021. The car is designed to have a supreme level of autonomous driving functions and next-generation infotainment e.g. streaming video games. 

Interestingly, taxi and chauffeur services might be transformed by 5G technology too. In 2019, Volocopter, a German start-up, explored the use of 5G in its brand-new concept drone-air taxi to enhance safety by seeing around ‘corners’, avoiding obstacles, and training its flight performance by downloading and processing data. 

Experiencing an ultra-sophisticated level of chauffership is made all possible; the road becomes the air, literally ascending you to new frontiers of travel and logistical operations as the drone traverses you across landmarks in incredible versatile ways.

Finishing on a high note

Undoubtedly, 5G will cause a tsunami of change in the travel sector. Drivers including chauffeurs and digital service users will see that their ordinary experiences are no longer ordinary; they become extraordinary. With the mobile network’s unprecedented capabilities, your journeys will become as electrifying and breathtaking as its degree of speed.


What sets chauffeurs apart

Whether a passenger is travelling to a meeting, needs a vehicle for an airport transfer, or simply wants one for personal purposes, every journey is unique. The number of passengers being driven, the type of car they wish to be driven in, the route to be taken, and the time they need to arrive at – all of it can create challenges when it comes to choosing between private chauffeur services and regular taxis. With this in mind, we have laid out what sets chauffeur services apart from other transport options, mainly taxis, and detailed what makes chauffeurs an exceptional option.

The perfect car for every moment

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two types of transport service is the fleet available. A taxi service’s selection of cars will generally be limited to more widely-spread makes and models, such as Toyota Priuses or Volvo minivans. While functional, a Prius is not as likely to provide the same level of comfort as the vehicles available to you with a chauffeur service. This is evident in more than just the quality of the vehicles themselves. While the make and the model of the car has a pronounced effect on the journey, it is far from the sole factor. A taxi service may only offer a limited range of vehicles which, while functional, may not cater to the specifications you or your client have in mind. Some services may not even offer a range at all, instead of specialising in a single type of vehicle. 

On the other hand, a private car service will provide a range of makes and models to suit its passengers’ every need. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Bentley, even Rolls-Royce – all of these prestigious brands have world-class models that span from sports cars and convertibles to SUVs and executives available to be hired. A sleek Mercedes-Benz executive or full-size vehicle that creates a serene environment for you to work and meet clients in during your journeys, a finely-crafted Lincoln SUV to see a family to the airport in unequalled comfort – all these and more are available to those using a chauffeur service, with an experienced private driver taking the wheel.

Interior features tailored to your needs

A chauffeured car – be it an executive or full-size vehicle, an SUV, or a limousine – comes with more than just the features that it left the factory with. From wifi on-board to stocks of drinks, tissues, and other amenities, a chauffeur service sees to it that each vehicle is well-stocked to make certain that every luxury that you could ask for is available at any time during your travels. Complete control of the car’s environment is granted to its passengers as well, with features ranging from the temperature to the music being the passenger’s choice.

Unparalleled comfort and convenience

One of the more outstanding advantages offered by a chauffeur service is the private driver themselves. Their duties extend far beyond simply carrying passengers from one point to another. Whether you request their services simply to journey between destinations or to accompany you throughout the day, a chauffeur sees to it that you are taken to your destination promptly and in utter, unrivalled comfort. Moreover, a chauffeur will adjust to your own timeline and be ready to take you to your destination as soon as you are.

The highest level of qualification

Chauffeurs are held to a higher standard than most other drivers. A thorough vetting process is in place to make certain that those behind the wheel are able to uphold the high standards required of them. Before being hired, all chauffeurs have undergone a screening and background check. Once chauffeurs have passed their background check, they then go through an advanced driving training programme, and they are professionally taught the art of customer service. The chauffeurs must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and make it their number one priority to ensure that the passenger is always satisfied.

Reach your destination safely

In the event that a passenger requires additional security during their journey – high-ranking politicians for example or celebrities of great renown – armoured vehicles and armed or unarmed security chauffeurs can be requested, providing extra protection and peace of mind. Security chauffeurs are trained to react to any potential danger at a moment’s notice and respond accordingly, with many having backgrounds driving vehicles for the police, military, or diplomats, giving them training and experience far beyond what is considered the standard for a private driver.

All in all, private transportation services provide an elevated level of service, comfort, convenience, and safety.


Traverse Austria’s fairytale alpine grandeur

Valley routes and riverside roads are towered over by looming mountains, themselves marked by the serpentine passes carved into them. Sprawling cities that achieve a blend of the contemporary and the classic, with streets that are flanked by both striking modernity and elegant artistry. Austria is a country of contrasts, each one serving to accentuate the unyielding beauty that is apparent in every aspect of it.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Ranging 48 kilometres and reaching heights of over 2500 metres, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road presents an undoubtedly majestic experience for adventurous drivers. Punctuated by elegant turns, the route’s climbing stretches are flanked by sweeping greens and sheer, rugged mountain terrain, while the soaring, frigid peaks of 3000 metre tall mountains stand tall in the distance. Surrounded by the crisp air of lofty mountain heights, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road’s serpentine features and picturesque scenery cement its position as one of Austria’s most beautiful driving roads.

Silvretta High Alpine Road

At 25 kilometres long, the Silvretta High Alpine Road – a route that connects Paznauntal Valley with the Montafon region – presents a thrilling prospect to the daring driver. A series of corners and hairpin turns are scattered across the mountain’s panoramic landscape, each connected by lengths of tarmac reaching ever-higher towards the peak. At 2032 metres high, said peak soars above the region below, rewarding the intrepid with an absolutely breathtaking look down at what surrounds them. Rolling blankets of green, white, and grey, the road ascending up the mountain’s face acting as an accent to it all.

Hahntennjoch Pass Road

Connecting Salvesental Valley and Bschlabertal Valley is the Hahntennjoch Pass Road. At 29 kilometres long, the pass’ sheer face is lined with sweeping panoramic views over the land. The ascent is characterised by the rugged, rocky face texture of its landscape, the sprawling stretches of it divided by the twists and turns of the path snaking its way up towards the peak. Once this point is passed, however, a dramatic change in the experience is brought to life. While the ascent presents itself as a monolith – a staggering pillar that almost seems to challenge intrepid drivers – journeying past the peak transforms it into a winding, meandering expedition through verdant carpets of green, with charming old farm houses scattered across it.

Nockalm Road

Nockalm Road stands in stark contrast to the dizzying heights and imposing, stone-laden faces of other mountain routes. 35 kilometres long, the alpine road offers those driving across it a more moderate experience, immersing people in the pleasure of the drive rather than the thrill of it. Its bends and its turns blend into the terrain, as if they had always been part of the stone pine forest flanking it. The vast length of grey accentuates the rise and the fall of the land, instilling a distinct sense of awe as it immerses you in a breathtaking driving experience.

Gerlos Alpine Road

With graceful, twisting curves embedded into rolling green pastures, and towering waterfalls providing a stunning backdrop against the winding trail, Gerlos Alpine Road grants its drivers with an utterly unique experience, nestled away into the heart of the Eastern Alps.Totalling 69 kilometres from start to finish, the road provides a beautiful route to cruise through. Gliding across the surface of the road and immersing yourself in the natural masterwork that encompasses the Gerlos Alpine Road delivers a distinct sense of awe, every step of the way.

Sölk Pass

A sheer ascent leads adventurous drivers over the mountain’s stony surface. Frozen peaks loom over the hairpin switchbacks and climbing straights. Patches of green and yellow cover the rocky landscape below, while a serpentine length of grey carves a line through it. Sölk Pass stands as a challenge to drivers, as if daring them to engage with an ineffably exhilarating drive. While the view across the land below is indeed stunning, to ascend the pass is its own reward.

Austria is brimming with driving experiences, themselves filled with contrasts. Cities blend modernity with the timelessness of classical artistry. Frosted peaks sail into the sky, lining the horizon. Between them lies all manner of beautiful experiences, from the fairytale to the graceful and elegant. Whether you choose to travel the cities in utmost comfort with a chauffeured limousine, unfurl the roof of a convertible and let the crisp air rush past you, or scale its mountain passes in an SUV or an exotic supercar, Austria’s drives lack nothing.


Journey through the UK’s sublime routes

Snaking mountain passes with views looking out over miles of open vistas. Sprawling country roads that cut a path through verdant fields. Bustling city streets lined by historic architecture and stunning modernism alike. The United Kingdom is home to a great many spectacular journeys.

Blakey Ridge

What was once a route used to transport iron ore is now one of the UK’s most prolific roads for sheer driving pleasure. A winding, undulating expanse of smoothed tarmac reaches out into the distance, cutting a path through picturesque villages and verdant landscape alike. The road is a flowing one, and an absolute pleasure to take on.

The Romantic Roads

If you’re looking to take the scenic route out of London, the Romantic Roads offers miles of winding tarmac lined by gorgeous scenery. Taking you over rolling green hills and through narrow country roads, the route is a quintessentially British driving experience, dotted by idyllic locales. The Cotswolds provides a peaceful stop on the country route, replete with quaint stone buildings and a gently-meandering river.


With the window down or the roof folded back, the light sea breeze rolls through. Gentle waves lap against the distant golden shore, the azure sky painting a backdrop against both. Sandbanks’ scenic views, composed of pale houses and vibrant greenery set against the shore, immerse you in coastal luxury.

The Old Military Road (A93, A939, B976)

Hills rise above you, flanking the flowing route. Winding paths cling to the valleys’ edges, giving you witness to their gorgeous views. A canopy of trees casts shade over the path. Every part of the Old Military Road’s varied views exude a distinct sense of majesty, tinged by rustic charm.

EVO Triangle

The EVO Triangle’s sheer straits stretch into the distance, marked by gentle turns and sharp corners. Named after the titular car magazine, the 32-kilometre expanse of tarmac is a first-rate testing ground for supercars. Its winding expanses and crisp country air feel like an invitation to intrepid drivers, calling them to conquer it.

Black Mountain Road

Black Mountain Road is undoubtedly a route for thrill seekers. Straights carve a path into the verdant Welsh landscape, and reach ever-higher towards the titular mountain’s peak. Hairpin turns punctuate the road, offering stunning views over rushing mountain rivers and sweeping vistas alike. Every inch of the journey through the pass is unmistakably wondrous to behold.

Snake Pass

Snake Pass provides no shortage of breathtaking experiences for the intrepid driver. Spanning 7 kilometres from Glossop, its serpentine curves and formidable ascents make it an astounding  route to take on. Majestic views lay beyond its hairpin bends – mile upon mile of rolling greenery, the nigh-endless view reach out into the distance beyond you.

Atlantic Highway

Reaching from Devon to Cornwall, the Atlantic Highway is flanked by utterly stunning scenery. Hills blanketed in rich greens and vibrant flora skirt the route, their lofty heights providing a gorgeous view of some of Britain’s finest coastal vistas. Crystalline water lapping at golden sands line the Atlantic Highway, while a gentle breeze rolls in from distant oceans.

Bealach na Bà

Bealach na Bà’s single-track ascent is a haven for the adventurous and the experienced. At a height of 626 metres, the hillside climb is the third highest in Scotland, and delivers magnificent views over the sprawling landscapes below for those daring enough to traverse it. Take the wheel, and feel the rush.

Whether you seek a spirited sprint across lengths of the open road or the thrill of traversing a mountainous ascent, the UK’s routes deliver exemplary driving experiences. With ROLZO’s fleet of luxury cars available with just a few taps, your experiences are enhanced from the sheer exhilaration of an Aston Martin’s performance to the ruggedness of a Range Rover, ROLZO provides you the perfect car for every moment.


ROLZO launches industry-first car travel platform

ROLZO, the luxury mobility provider powering the world’s leading companies in Travel, Aviation, Hospitality, and Lifestyle Management, launches ROLZO Business — a trailblazing car travel platform, which sets a new industry standard.

“As the coronavirus pandemic has swept the travel industry, we have been working relentlessly to restore traveller confidence, preparing for a future where safety, flexibility, and efficiency become the key markers of meaningful journeys” said Tom Ripert, Founder and CEO at ROLZO.

Today, ROLZO Business provides the ultimate access to effortless car travel, enabling travellers to switch between models as their needs and destinations change. Whether they wish to drive or be driven, there is a car for every moment.

Your business at our core

ROLZO is the perfect representation between choice and freedom. The Business platform demonstrates ROLZO’s increased focus on helping companies manage chauffeur services and car rentals. It gives businesses more control over their customers’ travels by allowing them to book and manage car rentals and chauffeur services in real-time with unprecedented simplicity.

Be it an airport transfer, a long-distance trip, a chauffeur for the day, or a unique car rental, companies can use ROLZO to book over 10,000 of the world’s most desirable cars in more than 60 countries, 300 cities, and 500 airports worldwide — all from one centralised borderless platform.

About ROLZO Business

Chauffeur services: Combining the latest models of high-end cars with highly-skilled chauffeurs, ROLZO offers the most exquisite and comfortable journey available for all leisure and professional travel.

Car rentals: Truly global coverage and a versatile fleet mean the right car for every moment. Customers can save time by skipping the rental counter and associated hassle and have a car personally delivered — anytime, anywhere.

Support: ROLZO’s technologies and 5-star hospitality service have converged to create an always-on and ever-connected service. ROLZO’s multilingual team of Global Mobility Experts is available 24/7/365 to arrange every aspect of one’s journey and ensure a seamless experience around the world.

Personalisation: ROLZO uses sophisticated machine learning and behavioural data analytics, knowing what customers want before they do. The platform provides an unrivalled level of personalisation, consistently exceeding expectations of the world’s most discerning clientele.

Safety: In light of the current pandemic, ROLZO Business promotes utmost safety, keeping up-to-date with present guidelines and conducting routine high-standard hygienic cleaning of our cars. All of our cars are completely disinfected before and after each booking. Chauffeurs wear face masks at all times and are tested for signs of COVID-19 twice a day.

Confidentiality: ROLZO uses bank-grade tools and security safeguards that keep payments, sensitive data, and communication safe. Utter privacy is guaranteed to ROLZO’s high-profile clientele, which includes royalty, heads of state, business leaders, and A-list celebrities.

See the road in a whole new light

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